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Crpati bonuses are an excellent way to maximize your rewards when gambling. From the welcome bonus that provides new players with a great incentive to get started, to the loyalty programs that grant more substantial advantages to loyal players, there truly is something for everyone. Match deposit bonuses promise a certain percentage of credits up to a specified amount, while no-deposit bonuses give out free money without any cost on your end. Free spins are also available, allowing you a longer session without having to risk your own resources, whilst cashback bonuses get accumulated over time and then redeemed at your convenience. Whether you’re just horsing around or an avid gambler, Crpati bonuses have something that can help add value to your gaming experience.

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Bonuses Minimum deposit Get percentage Bonus up to
Welcome Bonus form-sign 200 30% 8001
VIP Welcome Bonus form-sign 1000 100% 30000
Special Deposit Bonus form-sign 1000 15% 8000
Sport Welcome Bonus form-sign 500 150% 20000
Cricket Hot Sport Deposit form-sign 1k ~ 6k 10% ~ 15% 2000
Slot Welcome bonus form-sign 500 150% 30000
Friday Casino Day form-sign 1000 30% 10000
Weekend Sport Bonus form-sign 20000 30% 30000


  • Step1 : Click the register button on the top right.
  • Step2 : Enter a username that must contain 5-16 letters and numbers.
  • Step3 : Enter a password that must contain at least 6 letters and numbers.
  • Step4 : Enter a phone number of correct format. Enter the referral code, if you don’t have one, then it is no need to enter.
  • Step5 : Enter the given verification code. Click the box to agree to Terms & Conditions. Then click the register button.
  • Step6 : You should confirm your personal information once again. After that, click the confirm button.


What is auto roulette?

Auto roulette is an exciting game of chance that can provide hours of entertainment in the virtual world of Crpati. Players begin by placing their bets on the outcomes of a spinning roulette wheel, using virtual chips as currency. This thrilling game requires players to guess where the ball will land while theywatch the wheel spin. The stakes are high, as players hope to win payouts determined by the odds of their predictions. Auto roulette offers an engaging experience for everyone looking for games that combine luck and strategy in an online environment.



Start the game

Auto Roulette is a simple online casino game. The first step is to register and log in as a Crpati member, and find Auto Roulette in the Roulette category. Crpati provides a secure platform to log in and get started at this safe online space. Once logged in, users can navigate the Roulette category and find the Auto Roulette game easily.



Select the desired bet

Upon entering the game, you will be presented with a visually appealing table resembling a genuine roulette wheel. Simply choose the bet you wish to make and expect to be heavily immersed in a unique gaming experience.



Select the lucky grid

Choose your lucky grid, you can choose odd or even, red or black, numbers within a specific range or your lucky number. When it comes to trying your luck at the casino, you should choose a grid that works best for you. Whatever it is that speaks to your sense of chance and fortune, make sure to use it to your advantage each time you’re placing bets!



Waiting for victory

The last step, waiting for your victory. When you finish betting, please wait for the grid where the ball falls. Please remember that there is a time limit for betting, be sure to decide your bet within the time, otherwise you may miss a chance to win a big prize.


Play Auto Roulette in Crpati

If you are looking for the best Auto Roulette game, look no further than Crpati! This online casino is renowned for its excellence in providing a great selection of quality games, and their Auto Roulette is no exception. It's easy to find, simply go to the Roulette category and get ready for an exhilarating experience. Players can expect exciting animated visuals that make playing feel like being in a real-life casino! With unbeatable gaming experience and plenty of chances to earn rewards, it's no wonder why people keep returning to Crpati's Auto Roulette.

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Crpati is one of excellent online casino in India. Their deposits and withdrawals are very fast, almost as long as 24 hours. There are also rich bonuses available. Plus, their customer service team is on hand 24/7 so you can have your gaming questions answered quickly - isn't that great? And that's not all, for easy money management with convenient payment techniques will make your casino experience even more enjoyable. Start taking advantage of Crpati's amazing offer today - trust us, you won't regret it!